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Anthony Murray

Your ADISL experience:


I am very thankful to all the work that has been put into creating this sports league that facilitates sports competitions for both male and female athletes. It is a great opportunity to be able to play a sport and even better to have a system in place that organizes competitions against other teams, both for the enjoyment of playing the sport but also because it allows for interactions between teams, thus forming ties between local universities that have the possibility of extending beyond the soccer field. 


Coach's Comments:


As the captain of the NYU Abu Dhabi Men's Team, Anthony is a consummate leader putting the interests of team first in all decisions. He has been instrumental in team building and improving the men's soccer program at NYU Abu Dhabi. He exhibits the characteristics of a model NYU Abu Dhabi student-athlete.  

Coach: Peter Dicce, NYU Abu Dhabi



Sport: Football



New York University Abu Dhabi


Year: Class of 2015


Major: Finance








Football experience:


I started playing football when I was 10 years old. I’ve been playing since then until I played for Al-Wasl club in Dubai for a very short period time, and never stopped playing football since then.


Season accomplishments to date:


Last season we had a decent season by finishing 5th in the league. This season we are having a very good run and are strongly competing for the top 4 spots in the league. We also have a lot of new promising additions to the team that helped the team progress a lot as a team and individually.


Favorite Athlete:


My favorite athlete is Thierry Henry. He amazingly never seems to lose his cool on and off the football pitch. Watching him play makes football a very easy sport, while it’s the exact opposite. His skills and control on the ball are exceptional. He’s very dependable in tough situations and can lift his team easily on his shoulders.


Your ADISL experience:


I’m very thankful for the experience of the ADISL. It has given us as student athletes something to look forward to, and something to take us away from the studying atmosphere to the competitive and challenging atmosphere. It’s a very organized competition that gives the opportunity to see the potential of other universities in Abu Dhabi, and the chance to form friendly relationships with the teams of the universities.

Sport: Football


University: The Petroleum Institute


Major: Chemical Engineering








Rashid Hamdan Al-Aryani

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