The Abu Dhabi Inter-University Sports League (ADISL) is the result of the collaborative efforts of its member institutions and their vision to foster sports competition and cooperation among Abu Dhabi universities. Members of the ADISL are committed to academic excellence and student engagement as critical factors in student learning and success. The members also acknowledge that their sports programs are an integral part of the campus experience and offer significant opportunities for self-discovery, commitment and leadership development.

The ADISL exists to provide a framework for competition where the playing field is level, the rules of the competition are fair, teams have compatible values, and one’s opponents are respected. It is the expectation that all coaches, administrators, athletes and spectators adhere to sportsmanship ideals and reflect positively on the member institutions and the ADISL in all situations and interactions.

As the ADISL grows, it will continue to offer a wide range of sports and promote participation for both women and men. All sports sponsored by the ADISL are valued equally and the ADISL will strive to ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities for sports participation.

Peter W. Dicce

Commissioner of the Abu Dhabi Inter-University Sports League



Organisation Structure can be downloaded by clicking here




Peter W. Dicce

NYU Abu Dhabi

Director of Athletics, Intramurals & Recreation

Office: +971(0)2 628 4201

Mobile: +971(0)50 442 3197





Charif Rabah

Zayed University

Sports Coordinator




Salwa El Weeshy

The Petroleum Institute

Athletics Coordinator




Ahmed Zaki El Sawwaf

Abu Dhabi University

Male Sports Coordinator


Alexandre Blaise

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

Head of Sports Department



Ahmed Al Ghalabi

The Petroleum Institute

Head of Athletics Department



Ibrahim Mukhtar

UAE University

Head of Sports Department



Ragshaa Mohammed

UAE University

Sports Coordinator - Female



Ahmed Alaydaroos

Rabdan Academy



Hamzeh Khalil

Khalifa University

Student Sports & Activities Officer



Mousa Muhsen

Al Ain Univeristy of Science & Technology

Administrative Assistant Sports

and Art Coordinator



Bassem Abou Hamzeh

Abu Dhabi Men's College Sports Coordinator

Sports Coordinator



Mouza Alromaithi

Abu Dhabi Women's College

& Khalifa City Women's College

Student Affairs Coordinator



Hani Sleem

Al Khawarizmi International College

Student Relations Manager


Faris Al Zaabi

NYU Abu Dhabi

Intercollegiate Athletics & External Sports Relations Manager

Office: +971(02) 628 5724

Mobile: +971(0)507514885


Salma Al Busaeedi

NYU Abu Dhabi

Intercollegiate Athletics & Sports Communications Coordinator

Office: +971(02) 628 4461

Mobile: +971(0)527200190




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