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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements.


Combining strategic thinking, lightning reflexes and coordinated team-play, two teams will go head to head each week to decide the overall champion.


For information regarding E-Sports please contact:


Nicole Dobreva


Team Captains

Al Ain Univerisity of Science & Technology: Mohammad Abadi  Mr.albadi140@gmail.com


American Univeristy of Kuwait Team 1: Ehab Soliman S00034669@auk.edu.kw


American Univeristy of Kuwait Team 2: Mohammad Ghalib S00027659@auk.edu.kw


American Univeristy of Kuwait Team 3: Mahmoud Ahmed S00041658@auk.edu.kw


Al Hosn Univerisity: Mohammed Milad  m.milad95@outlook.com


NYU Abu Dhabi Black: Abdulla Al Blooshi  amb1289@nyu.edu


NYU Abu Dhabi Green:William Held wbh230@nyu.edu


NYU Abu Dhabi Purple: Paul Ha  yjh256@nyu.edu


NYU Abu Dhabi White: Patrick Reid  pr1163@nyu.edu


Paris Sorbonne Abu Dhabi: Clement Cisinki  clement12379@psuad.ac.ae





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