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Al Marzouqi, Al Habsi and Al Bariki represent the UAE in the World University Championship for virtual football

The Board of Directors of the Emirates Sports Federation for Higher Education Institutions has decided to participate in the World University e-World Championship for virtual football for the year 2020, which will be held "remotely" during the period from 6 to 16 July, via the video communication application.
The Emirates represented in three players Salem Ali Al Marzouki from the Higher Colleges of Technology, and Abdullah Khalifa Al Habsi from Khalifa, while Maha Saif Al Braiki from Zayed University will represent the Emirates in the Female Student Championship .. It is expected that the competitions will be held between 32 and 12 players. Globally, in two separate tournaments that will be held over 11 days of intense and exciting competitions
Given the importance of this tournament, Oleg Matitsin, President of the International Union of University Sports in Competitive Games "FISU" emphasized that everyone is feeling comfortable in the arena of electronic sports. He also indicated that the women's field has distinct representation in Asian countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia and India, and that is admirable. The championship competitions will be broadcasted on more than one platform and program through social media, most notably Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.
The group division was held yesterday, where the 32 students were distributed into 8 groups, with Salem Al Marzouki playing in the first group that includes him with Joao Goulart from Portugal, Nicolas Bresola from Argentina, and Zachary Marco from Australia, and Abdullah Al Habsi is in the second group, which includes him with Haby Annam from Canada, Joz Lysia from Mexico, and Sir Sheikh from Iran. And for the female students, they were distributed into two groups, and Maha Saif Al-Breiki came in the second group, which includes 5 other players from Zambia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India and Australia. Only 4 Arab countries will participate in the tournament, which are the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Sultanate of Oman.
Dr. Saeed Hamad Al-Hassani, President of the Sports Federation of Higher Education Institutions, affirmed that the UAE is keen to participate in such international events to provide an opportunity for its sons and daughters to compete, highlight energies, and communicate with the rest of the world. The fact of being on the tournament podiums is one of the goals of that participation. In light of the great confidence in the UAE players he said: “We are working hard and diligently to upgrade the UAE university sport to keep pace with its counterparts in all countries of the developed world, guided by the thought and support of our leaders, and their insightful vision in the search for " the number one "in all fields.
In the same context, Hamad Karam Al Kaabi, Secretary-General of the Emirates Federation for Higher Education Institutions, affirmed that the championship is receiving great international attention, and that its participation is part of the federation’s strategy to emerge at the global level, especially that the UAE is a regional center for university sports through the presidency of Dr. Saeed Hamad Al-Hasani of the federation. He (Dr. Saeed Hamad Al-Hasani) plays an active role in enhancing the status of university sports, and strengthening the bonds of friendship and honest competition among all Arab students.
Ali Al Dhaheri, Executive Director of the Federation, added that the best male and female students were chosen to represent the country in this major global event, after a selection was conducted between them by the Technical Committee of the Sports Federation of Higher Education Institutions, in order to achieve the best results in the championship and strive to win medals.

The results and conclusions of the first online university championship

With implementing the precautionary measures related to COVID-19 and in light of the Sports Federation's keenness of higher education institutions for the interest of its students, both male and female students, and their safety the first electronic championships, NBA 2K20 were held in cooperation between the Sports Federation of Education Institutions and New York University. Having the number of participations of 13 universities from all educational institutions at the state level, and the Abu Dhabi group included 5 universities: the Emirates University - Zayed University - Khalifa University - Abu Dhabi University - New York University. Sharjah and Northern Emirates Group 6 group included the University of Sharjah, the American University of Sharjah, the Police College in Sharjah, Ajman University, the American University of Ras Al Khaimah. Dubai Group participated in with two universities, the American University in Dubai and the University of Dubai.
In the Female Students' Championship, student Saji Musalama from Abu Dhabi University came first, student Mashael Al-Musabi from Khalifa University followed her with a second place, and student Hind Al Hamli from Zayed University in third place.
In the Male Student Championship, the UAE University came first, and the UAE University team consisted of students Jaber Sultan Abdullah, Yazan Shabout and Muhammad Yunus. New York University ranked second, and its team included students Josh Oyos, Youssef Abdel Hamid and Nahum Al-Mulla, and the University of Sharjah came in third place, as were students Mohab Mustafa Janineh, Jasim Muhammad Ali, Ahmed Al-Doueiri.
Ali Masri Al Dhaheri, Executive Director, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Sports Federation of Higher Education for Institutions, thanked New York University for its contribution to the success of the competition, for providing the electronic server for the championship, organizing and for the successful follow-up, starting from the opening of registration until the closing day. He also congratulated Abu Dhabi University and the Emirates University on obtaining the first place, male and female, and praised the efforts of the technical committee of the competition and all the universities participating in it
The Executive Director also mentioned the commitment of the Higher Education Union to preventive measures and to follow the instructions issued in this regard to limit the spread of COVID-19 and maintain the safety of students through the establishment of remote activities until a decision is issued to return to physical activity from the concerned authorities that guarantees the safety of all.
He also concluded by thanking all the directors of activities in the universities participating in the activities of the Union for their commitment and cooperation and following the instructions issued by the Union, wishing them a continued success.

Electronic registration, file automation and safe return are the most important decisions of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Sports Federation of Higher Education Institutions

Saeed Hamad Al-Hassani, President of the Sports Federation of Higher Education Institutions, stated that the goal of the Sports Federation of Higher Education Institutions and its philosophy from which its career was launched in the year 2000 make its activities one of the strong pillars in building a wide sports base of players, talented and creative people in sports and embracing them through higher education institutions to which they belong. As well as with the encouragement and help from the federation the students are pushed to the global podiums, to raise the flag of the UAE high whispering in various specialized international sports forums.
This came during the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Sports Federation of Higher Education Institutions, which was held on Zoom on Wednesday, the seventh of October, and was attended by His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Harmal Al Dhaheri, Vice President of the Federation and His Excellency Dr. Hamad Karam Al Kaabi, Secretary General of the Federation and members of the Board of Directors Hashem Al-Zaabi, Khaled Al-Rabawi and Salma Al-Khaili, and the Executive Director of the Federation, Ali Masri Al-Dhaheri.
During the meeting, the Council approved of the electronic registration program for sports competitions and activities on the Federation’s official website through the International Federation of University Sports and the Asian University Sports Federation.
The electronic program for archiving has also been adopted for the financial, administrative and technical aspects and files, following the example of the government of the United Arab Emirates in developing the performance of all government agencies through their use of the latest technological systems.
The Council also approved the safe return of sports activities for male and female students in light of the implementation of all precautionary measures in all competitions, events and activities. It also agreed on the agenda for electronic competitions during the first half of the academic year 2020/2021.
The Council congarulated the student Maha Al-Breiki from Zayed University for winning the bronze medal in the World E-Games Championship that was held by the International University Sports Federation from 6 to 16 July 2020
For his part, His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Harmal Al Dhaheri praised the qualitative shift in the performance of the Federation and the implementation of its strategy, one of the most important objectives of which is to raise the level of sports activity in higher education institutions and develop a competitive environment to hold university sports achievements and contribute to spreading sports culture and awareness in society.
His Excellency Dr. Hamad Karam Al-Kaabi also confirmed that the Sports Federation has prepared a general framework for the safe return of sports activity to universities, following the circulars issued by the General Authority for Sports.

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